Free SMTP Server

How often is life on the go paralyzed by email breakdowns? Just about every other time you're out rolling? If so, it's all about a trick gone missing! And the trick is: SMTP server or rather, the Free SMTP Server.

Free SMTP Server is a SMTP server program that lets you send email messages directly from your laptop, iPad, smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile device. It's outright simple and extremely useful while traveling anywhere around the world.

In a sense, it's a 'global connect' between your device and Internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide.

Put together, a Free SMTP server is your freedom to emailing unconditionally!

Mysendmail Free SMTP Server surges ahead on the back of multiple SMTP connections set up on the bounce, giving you the maximum mileage out of your Internet connection.

Other Advantages:

  1. Global Coverage: Access internet anywhere around the globe.
  2. Heightened Email Encryption: Your mails are much more secure under the high SSL encryption standards adopted
  3. Time Saving: The free SMTP email server never misses on auto-syncing, no matter what comes up on the go. At every network swop, your device automatically locks onto the new server settings, and saves you a lot of time otherwise spent dealing with the same manually.
  4. Limitless Connectivity: Connects to any connection, over any network.
  5. Universal SMTP Email Server: Breaks all global barriers to set up all-round Email connectivity. It works fine on any ISP service worldwide.
  6. Feature-rich Free SMTP Mail Server: With a strong feature list, we are home to the most comprehensive Free SMTP Mail Services existing today.
  7. No Hang-Ups, Smooth Integration: Mysendmail smoothly merges with Outlook Express, Eudora, Gmail, and other noted email programs. What's more, setting up this Free Smtp server is just a matter of changing a few settings on your device.
  8. Flexible SMTP Server Plans: Our endeavor is to cover a lot of ground in our Smtp server plans, so as to suffice every usage, ranging from the lowest to the highest and everything in between. That's why when you set out to buy SMTP Server Plans, in no time do you have the one tailor made for your usage.
  9. The seamless user interface presents exceptional ease of usage while the attached documentation details the workings inside out. To gain more on our Free SMTP Email server provider, browse the FAQs and have everything sorted.

Since it's a freeware, there are absolutely no holdups to Signing Up and trying the Free SMTP server. We recommend you TRY RIGHT NOW!