When you send an email it gets sent to your SMTP server, which then forwards it to the recipient of your email. Usually SMTP servers relays emails only if received from the subscriber network. MySendMail is an SMTP server that works wherever you are in the world and from any internet connection.
You might have experienced difficulties sending emails from more than one location (e.g. at home, at work, staying in a hotel, visiting another city or country). This is because the SMTP server assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider only works when you're connected to the Internet through that Internet Service Provider. As soon as you connect to the Internet through a different network you cannot send emails! This is a security measure used by Internet Service Providers to prevent people sending spam through their servers, but it's also a problem for laptop and PDA users who want to be able to use their email on the go. MySendMail allows to send emails using a login and password from every internet connection without change SMTP server settings.
Many users are used to use web mail services that works anywhere in the world but in this way you loose your personal identity because you cannot use your regular email address.
MySendMail lets you send emails from up to 25 different email addresses, from the same account. This means that you can continue to send work emails from your work email address, and personal emails from your home email address.
Yes, you can use the same account with your user name and password on several email programs and mobile units. Your only limitation is the number of emails you can send that's depends on your subscription.
The email will stay in your Outbox on your own device until the next day when you attempt to send again.
Yes, You can send any attachments, up to 100MB in size per email.
No, You keep using the same email address, or addresses, you always use!
If an email is not sent you will receive a courtesy email message from MySendMail server. You can also have a report of the email sent using your account options.
MySendMail protects all personal information according to our Privacy Policy and does not sell any personal data.
Yes. From the front page of MySendMail you can, as a subscriber, log-in and upgrade your account buying more daily emails, See a log of sent emails and statistics, Update contact information, Change password and email account(s).
Our server add the advertising only to the emails sent with the Email Free Plan. If you want the advertising removed you need to upgrade to a paid plan.